• Dedication


    To London...

       If I could choose a single gift
    to give to all mankind
    I’d walk calmly to the backyard garden
    where against the fence I’d find
    a single flower, that grew
    and bloomed in the spring
    to wave in gentle breezes
    and through it’s silence sing
    the praises of the pure virtue, Love
    and assure all men that there is good.

                             Mary Havran




  • Commentaires

    Jeudi 23 Mars 2017 à 21:11

    Un message de paix à toutes ces victimes innocentes, un joli message

    belle soirée

    Jeudi 23 Mars 2017 à 21:29

    Très beau. L'amour finira toujours par vaincre la haine.

    Jeudi 23 Mars 2017 à 21:48

    Londoners will keep calm and carry on... as usual...

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