• It's all white.

    It's all white... and it's in english.

    For sure it's a bad joke but it was such a great temptation that I couldn't avoid it. As I was wandering in the garden, it appeared to me that, this week, most flowerings were white. I made up my mind to introduce some of them to you.

    Let's have a look to those white beauties.  

       It's all white. It's all white.

    I like the way the wells of the flowers are sculpted by the sun.                       A pretty finely cut foliage edged with white.


      It's all white.  It's all white.

    Wisteria brachybotrys "Shiro Kapitan" . Clusters of immaculate white flowers and, last but not least, its fragrance is a true pleasure. An all in one vending machine of happiness.


         It's all white.

     Apple tree. One of my favourite flowerings. It lasts for more than a fortnight. Far longer than a cherry tree ( here, in our region ) and an equally spectacular big show. If, by chance, eatable apples follow the performance, it's Bingo !

    It's all white.It's all white.


       Rosa wichuriana variegata for the foliage that                   Purezza, small white flowers and a no problem climbing rose                is so impressive right now


       It's all white.    It's all white.


     Choisya Aztec Pearl. I like those orange dots that irresistibly                  Euphorbia Characias Variegata, in ranks like the        attract  me every time I look up at it.                                                             Roman Army. Well, nearly.


    ... Then came a storm and that was the end of it. Believe me, it was a real carpet icebombing. 


              It's all white.       It's all white.

                                                 OK, that's white too but cold and uninviting. Big challenge for the apples.


              It's all white.

              From Internet " Asterix and the Britons "

                                              Maybe some mistakes . Please, ignore them, they're not worth it !


                                                   Have a nice day in your garden.









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    Samedi 18 Avril 2015 à 20:13

    OMG !!! That's more than cats and dogs raining !!! Poor you !


    Samedi 18 Avril 2015 à 20:35

    Yes, it's was pouring with rain but unfortunately, that were hailstones instead of rain. I think the garden will be able to deal with that. Less flowerings than expected but that's life.

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